Vitality In Ministry: 

Vitality in Ministry is responsible for the health of ministry in the presbytery, attending to the well-being of congregations and their faithfulness in responding to God’s call to them, as well as the nurture, oversight and professional development of Ministers of the Word and Sacrament and Commissioned Ruling Elders. We provide resources of skill development, accountability, conflict management and pastoral supply for ministers and elders seeking to lead their congregations faithfully in the fulfillment of their mission in their community.

The chair, Alice Sundquist, can be reached at   

Congregational Vitality

The Congregational Vitality Subcommittee works to ensure the vitality of congregations within the Presbytery by providing support to the life, mission and ministry of the church. We help find resources either of people or small grants to enhance a church’s mission; find answers to questions; act as liaison between the church and Presbytery staff; walk with churches through the process of calling a new pastor; and provide training to church leadership. We strive to be in communication with pastors and church leaders to help solve problems, understand their mission goals, and help celebrate successes and important church milestones.

The chair, Mike Umbenhaur, can be reached at   

 CV Grant Application

CV Grant Instructions

Pastoral Vitality

The Pastoral Vitality Subcommittee of the Vitality in Ministry Committee works to ensure the vitality of congregations and other ministries within the presbytery by providing oversight and vocational support for Minsters of Word and Sacrament. We regularly pray for the ministers in the presbytery. We examine ministers seeking membership in the presbytery and approve and provide funding for sabbaticals, retreats, coaching, counseling and professional assessments. We also approve validated ministries and retirement requests.

The chair, Mary MacDonald, can be reached at  


2024 Minimum Terms of Call

 These are subject to change annually.

 As approved at the November 2023 meeting of NCCP, the baseline amount for all installed pastors’ terms of call was set. The salary figure may be scaled proportionally for part-time positions. Currently, continuing education allowance, vacation and study leave can also be scaled proportionally for part-time positions.

 Congregations are reminded that these figures are minimums, and do not fully reflect the value of competent, faithful pastoral leadership. Whenever possible, congregations need to seek to offer greater compensation than the minimum, commensurate with the pastor’s responsibilities, experience and education. Other elements of the terms can include (some must be included in the effective salary and/or taxable salary): SECA offset, reimbursable professional expenses, reimbursable auto amount, cell phone, 403b contributions, life insurance.

 Baseline or minimum salary (full-time basis): $62,640

Pastoral Plan PC(USA) pension and medical dues: 39% (for minimum salary, $22,632.87)

Continuing education allowance: $1,000

Vacation: 30 days, including four Sundays

Study Leave: two weeks, including two Sundays. $1,500

Sabbatical Leave: 3mos. after six years of service

 Pulpit supply honorarium: $200, travel costs (IRS auto mileage rate) are in addition to that amount)

Moderating a meeting: $50 (IRS auto mileage rate) are in addition to that amount)

 G-3.0307 Pastor, Counselor, and Advisor to Its Ministers of the Word and Sacrament and Congregations

Presbyteries shall be open at all times to communication regarding the life and ministry of their congregations. Each presbytery shall develop and maintain mechanisms and processes to serve as pastor and counselor to its ministers of the Word and Sacrament, commissioned pastors [also known as commissioned ruling elders], and Certified Christian educators of the presbytery; to facilitate the relations between the presbytery and its congregations, ministers of the Word and Sacrament, commissioned pastors, and certified Christian educators; and to settle difficulties on behalf of the presbytery where possible and expedient.