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NCCP Resource Center:

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Library Database

The Resource Center has a rich collection of materials for use in a variety of settings from individual study and small groups to all congregational worship. This lending library offers various types of materials available for loan by church members, leaders, committee members, clergy, church staff, and youth educators of participating churches at no cost! The Resource Center supports churches across the theological spectrum and new titles are added throughout the year. The Resource Center equips congregations by providing:

•A support for the ministry and education of your diverse groups.

•Access to a wide variety of topics like: discipleship formation, local mission work, relationships, personal/spiritual growth, and much more.

• An outlet for personal study & reflection, including a quiet place to study at the center.

•An increase in number of materials and a wider variety of materials available to congregations—materials do not have to be purchased and stored providing better stewardship of your funds .

•Connections– church groups and individuals may suggest materials to be acquired by the Resource Center .

Resource Categories Include:

Bible Study                                          
Church Development                         
Church Officer Training                    
Discipleship & Faith Formation                                
Social Issues
Spiritual Growth 
Teacher Education/Resources
Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Many materials include discussion guides & reflection questions.

Contact our Resource Center Coordinator for more information.